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SVCA Board Looks Over Lincoln School

Published on Monday, 02 June 2014 19:01 Written by Robin Lake

Silver Valley Christian Academy has served students and their families from throughout the Silver Valley since 1988. During those twenty-six years, several local churches have graciously provided space for the school. Classroom size and the number of classrooms have always been limiting factors in growth for the Academy. People associated with the Academy are of the opinion that now is the time to embrace some new thinking, and to begin the process of identifying a location, then either building or renovating, and moving into a permanant space of their own.

Lincoln SchoolLincoln School building, possible future home of SVCA Considering its history, and given all the brainstorming that has been going on about the future of Silver Valley Christian Academy --brainstorming by members of student's families, by staff, and by the school board-- it isn't too surprising that the most pressing need that kept coming up was that the school needed a home of their own, with room enough to grow into as the future unfolds.

With that goal in mind, in the early afternoon of June 2nd, 2014, several members of the School Board of Silver Valley Christian Academy took a self-guided tour of the historic Lincoln School building, located near the crest of Hill Street in Kellogg, Idaho. The idea behind the tour was to assess whether or not the building could be considered a potential permanent home for SVCA.

Board inspectsSVCA Board members Larry Miller, Cindy Carlson, and Norma Seaton inspect the interior of the Lincoln School buildingThe Lincoln building has been vacant for several years, after an abortive attempt at renovation into condominiums and commercial space. When discussing how the project would be financed, Norma Seaton, chair of the SVCA School Board replied, "God has plenty of money, and thankfully, much work has already been done, in the form of necessary demolition."

Board member Cindy Carlson commented that "whether it is in this building or elsewhere, we have to be creative in making our needs known to people who can help with funding this wonderful project."

Robin Lake, another  member of the board who was on hand for the inspection, noted that the building has great potential, adding that "it [the building] has good bones."

Board member Larry Miller noted that "we have a long ways to go, but, whether it is here or somewhere else, we have taken the first steps toward a school building of our own."



Is Common Core Really the Answer?

Published on Friday, 22 March 2013 11:52 Written by Linda Yergler

Recently I sent out an email to local school board members and our State Legislators linking  two video's relating to our new Common Core Standards. The Idaho Department of Education responded with emails to ALL School Boards in the State and ALL Legislators calling these video's "misinformation" and a list of frequently asked questions. (FAQ's) My response to these FAQ's is attached in pdf format. (Response to Id DoE FAQ)

I take exception to calling a different point of view "Misinformation" and call on all parents and taxpayers to learn what is really behind these Common Core Standards (CCS) and how much they are going to cost us in dollars as well as quality of education.

I have linked to two video's. The first is Senator William Ligon, Georgia, who has introduced legislation to withdraw from the CCS.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODz4X0GO-Fk&feature=youtube

The second is Glen Beck interviewing persons involved with education explaining how CCS will harm our education system.  http://www.video.theblaze.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=25729091&topic_id=24584158

Please - take the time to get informed. This is important. The future of our children and our country is at stake.

NO to Unconstitutional Health Care Exchanges

Published on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 10:33 Written by Linda Yergler

Time is running out!

On December 14th Governor Butch Otter will advise the Federal Government if the State of Idaho will participate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) by establishing a state run Health Care Exchange.  Not only will this exchange diminish health care but will cost the State (TAXPAYER) an astronomical amount of dollars to implement. Where will these dollars come from? Higher Taxes? Encourage Governor Otter to join with 22 other states in saying NO to a Health Care Exchange!

The additional staff the state would require to gather and maintain personal data to share with a federal database would increase the size of government immensely at a time when we are fighting for constitutionally smaller goverment. 

An additional burden and cost would be placed on employers as they would need increased staff to maintain information passed on to the state. If you are fortunate enough to have current health care through your employer, that could change. Indeed, that is already happening, as employers drop health coverage for existing employees. Health care is an expensive cost to businesses. Dropping current coverage and paying the fine for not providing coverage would be a savings for the employer, but, would diminish coverage for the employee through the exchange.

Health insurance is an issue that needs to be reformed, but these exchanges are NOT the answer.  A government mandate to purchase health insurance limits your freedom of choice. 

You can write the Governor at http://gov.idaho.gov/ourgov/contact.html  or call him at 208-334-2100 or fax him at 208-334-3454 and tell him NO EXCHANGE.

If you write either a letter or email, here are three samples to help you compose yours: Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3.

Contact Governor Otter TODAY.  Deadline is December 14th......

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